Age-friendly Action Plan adopted in Peterborough

May 23, 2017

Plan Cover graphicAfter two and a half years of research and discussions the Age-friendly Peterborough 2017 Community Action Plan  has been officially adopted by the Peterborough City Council, County Council, and the eight local township councils within Peterborough County.

The Plan articulates a vision of Peterborough as a thriving region that is inclusive, respectful, and accessible  to people of all ages and abilities. The objective of the Plan is to support healthy and active aging; promote intergenerational connections; foster as appreciation of the aging process; and enhance physical, social,  and health-related infrastructure. The Plan is intended to be undertaken as a collaborative and  community-supported endeavour, with implementation stewarded by the Peterborough Council on Aging.

Check back for details about activities planned to celebrate Seniors’ month and mark this milestone for our community in June.